2020 is gone, so let’s go after everything that 2021 has in store.

This goal-setting event will help you understand how to create a visualization of your goals.

We will have discussions around what embodies the future that you desire for yourself, how to set and prioritize your goals, and practical ways of implementation. 

What you will learn:

- The truth about resolutions

- How to create a vision board

- Why goal setting is important

- To generate real progress through actions

- Sources of mindset formation

You should attend this Vision Board Workshop if:

- The resolutions you’ve made previously have not come to pass

- You’re ready to be present in your own life in 2021

- You are wondering if your current goals align with the will of God for your life

- You struggle with identifying and clarifying your goals

It’s time to Reset. Dream it. Believe it. Do it.

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