Frequently Asked Questions

Marketplace ministry is God’s strategic plan to reach our world for Jesus! Ministry takes place outside the four walls of the church. Christians spend most of their time in the marketplace (home, work, and community) interacting with people from all “walks of life.” God desires to use marketplace ministers to reverse the downward spiral, where corruption and sin are running rampant and the family structure is being destroyed.  God’s people are the instruments of change in the earth.

No. Our Programs and Processes have been developed without the inclusion of any denominational doctrine. It is a program based on biblical principles.

Most workplace ministries are para-church organizations that are independent of the local church and focus on evangelism in the workplace. Marketplace Alliance Group establishes Marketplace Ministry in the local church with sustainable impact and a primary focus on developing and advancing Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, ministers, employees and leaders.

We empower them with a Biblical perspective to make a positive impact in their place of work and business through relevant information about business concepts, current marketing methods, financial strategies, leadership skills, quality career training, employment opportunities and marketplace news.

Certainly! Involvement in the Marketplace Alliance Group is often synergistic with other workplace programs.

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