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There are a lot of serious Christians who want to live out their dreams and bring glory to God, but they don't know the right road to take to reach their destiny. 

They want to be an entrepreneur and run a successful business or non-profit organization, but don't know how to properly start it and/or keep it going. 

Then, there are those who want additional income and effective strategies to live a debt-free life.

They want to be more successful and fulfilled in their lives, but don’t know where to find the valuable information they need that will empower them to be financially free.

The Marketplace Alliance Group, an extension of The Life Center Ministries, empowers you, as an entrepreneur and in the workplace, to expand ministry outside the four walls of the church with an emphasis on practical application of Biblical principles in the marketplace. because the “marketplace” is where God strategically places you to be effective in your sphere of influence.

In addition, MAG reveals the exciting and influential life in Christ when you allow God to use you mightily in the marketplace as an entrepreneur, business owner, minister, employee and leader.

You’ll be empowered with a Biblical perspective to make a positive impact in your place of work and business through relevant information about business concepts, current marketing methods, financial strategies, leadership skills, quality career training, employment opportunities and marketplace news. 

What is Marketplace Ministry?

Marketplace ministry is God’s strategic plan to reach our world for Jesus! Ministry takes place outside the four walls of the church. Christians spend most of their time in the marketplace (home, work, and community) interacting with people from all “walks of life.”

God desires to use marketplace ministers to reverse the downward spiral, where corruption and sin are running rampant and the family structure is being destroyed.  God’s people are the instruments of change in the earth.

Why Marketplace Ministry?

Well, in most cities in America, there are an abundance of Christian churches; some are located on the same street. People have access to various types of bibles and resources to help them study.

Book stores carry Christ-centered self-help books, DVDs, and Christian music. Due to technological advancements, especially social media, people have heard of Jesus, but still do not know Him.

4 Major Concerns Christians Must Answer

Most Christians want to be used by God in their workplace or in their business, but in the back of your mind there are nagging concerns that you want answers to. Although you may have many concerns, we’re going to take the top 4 and deal with those here. You’ll probably find answers to other question or concerns in our Blog or through other resources we have on our website.

1. I Want To Be An Entrepreneur, But How Do I Start?

1. I Want To Be An Entrepreneur, But How Do I Start?

There are many reasons why many people want to venture into entrepreneurship. The problem is that very few among them have the necessary skills and knowledge base. As a result, many people venture into business without really knowing how to do things correctly. Such entrepreneurs are bound to fail. In this post, we’re going to give you some pointers that will help lead you in the right direction.

2. I Don’t Want My Business To Fail

2. I Don’t Want My Business To Fail

If you want to start your business correctly, one of the first things you must do is to start seeing the world from the top down, from an entrepreneur’s perspective, rather than from the bottom up, from an employee’s perspective. In this post, we’ll discuss the number one reason most new entrepreneurs fail and how you can avoid that from happening to you. 

3. It’s Hard to Mix My Faith in the Marketplace

3. It’s Hard to Mix My Faith in the Marketplace

In order to bring a solution to this seemingly tough dilemma, one must understand the different worldviews by which an individual may live his or her life. In this post, we’ll discuss these worldviews and discover which one God wants us to operate in.

4. I’m Not Smart Enough to Succeed

4. I’m Not Smart Enough to Succeed

No matter what it is you want to achieve in life, what makes you happy, how you see God, how you deal with people or how you hope things are going to turn out – it all starts with your mind. In this post, you’ll learn the skills you need to really take control of your own mind, thereby take control of how you view yourself in order to succeed. 

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Learn How To Expand Outside The Four Walls Of The Church And Be Skilled With Biblical Principles To Make A Positive Impact In Your Place Of Work And Business!

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