Why Marketplace Ministry?

Why Marketplace Ministry? Well, in most cities in America, there are an abundance of Christian churches; some are located on the same street. People have access to various types of bibles and resources to help them study. Book stores carry Christ-centered self-help books, DVDs, and Christian music. Due to technological advancements, especially social media, people have heard of Jesus, but still do not know Him. 

Marketplace Ministry – The Need

You have to admit that if Christians truly know Jesus as their Lord and are willing to serve Him with all their hearts, then more Christians would walk in love and power to overcome the attacks of the enemy. More mature believers would run for political office standing for biblical worldview; more believers would demand for better education for our children; more believers would fight for more family-based television shows and more family appropriate commercials. Instead Christians make up excuses for not fighting for righteousness.

Marketplace Ministry – The Survey

Here’s a good reason why Marketplace Ministry is needed: the Barna Group (www.barna.org) recently conducted a survey to determine what Americans believe about Jesus. As a result, the research revealed 5 popular beliefs:

  1. Ninety-two percent of the Americans stated they believe Jesus was a real person. While the percentages dip slightly among younger generations—only 87 percent of Millennials agree Jesus actually lived—Americans are still very likely to believe the man, Jesus Christ, once walked the earth.
  2. Younger generations are increasingly less likely to believe Jesus was God. Not quite six in 10—believe Jesus was God (56%), while about one-quarter say he was only a religious or spiritual leader like Mohammed or Buddha (26%).
  3. Americans were divided on whether Jesus was sinless. About half of Americans agree that while Jesus lived on earth, He was human and committed sins like other people (52%). The number is slightly higher among Millennials; about 56% believe Jesus committed sins.
  4. Most Americans say they have made a commitment to Jesus Christ. Six in 10 Americans say making that commitment to Jesus is still important in their live today. Amazingly the study revealed that the more money people make, the less likely they are committed to Jesus. The ones making more than $100,000 were less likely and the Millennials were also less likely. 
  5. People are conflicted between “Jesus” and “Good Deeds” as the Way to Heaven.  Sixty-three percent of the people believe that after they die they will go to heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. However, Millennials are less likely to believe Jesus is the path to Heaven.

Marketplace Ministry – The Results

This study shows that people believe Jesus existed; more than 150 million Americans say they have professed faith in Jesus. With such a large number of people stating they are committed to Jesus, makes you wonder about their definition of commitment.  How can people profess their commitment to Jesus, but also believe He committed sins (52%). It could be these Christians lack the commitment to live a holy life. It appears that some Americans serve Jesus based on convenience, not the true definition of dedication. 

What kind of impact could you make in the lives of the people on your job, in your business, home, community and government if they experienced your serious dedication to Jesus Christ?  By living according to the power of the Living Word, people will KNOW PERSONALLY the reality of Jesus Christ! This is what Marketplace Ministry is all about! 

Why Marketplace Ministry? Because as ministers of reconciliations (II Corinthians 5:11-21), we need to inspire people to KNOW Jesus and the Power of His might!  We live our lives as Christ’s ambassadors, appealing to people (wherever we are) to thirst after righteousness, to let go of the sin nature and take hold of God’s holy nature. Ministry is in the marketplace! Remember, God made Jesus who had NO sin, to be sin for us so that, in Him, we might become the righteousness of God. 

Why Marketplace Ministry? So we can work together to make an impact for Christ on our jobs, in our businesses, homes, communities, government and the world! The goal of Marketplace Alliance Group is to equip you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

The Marketplace Alliance Group: Taking You Step-by-Step Toward Your Success!