We should all know by now that we were made for more. But one of the reasons why people are not going for the MORE is because they don’t know how to get to the MORE. 

The Marketplace Alliance Group is helping you get to the MORE with our Marketplace Mondays.

On the fourth Monday of each month, from 7pm - 9pm, MAG will present a virtual two-hour, interactive workshop on various topics on finances, business strategies and more.

Every month, one or two presenters will teach, demonstrate, and activate you, to get the MORE.

The big idea God placed in your heart is connected to your purpose, which is also connected to fixing or reconciling a problem in the earth that He wants solved.


There are a lot of people who are frustrated, unfulfilled, and just don’t have a passion for the work they have to do every single day.

God didn’t create us to get up and go to work to a job that we hate, and then rush to get home, only to get up in the morning and do the same thing all over again. 

If that sounds like your life; that is not the life God intended for you to live.

At our next Marketplace Monday, May 24th

Mr. Paul Wilson, Jr., the Area Director of the UGA Small Business Development Center at Georgia State University, will talk about how to


“Create My Dream Job” is for the person who is looking for

          ·         Direction

          ·         Strategies

          ·         As well as tactics

To navigate your career to a place where you are excited about getting up and going to work every morning because it’s connected to your purpose; to the thing God created you to do.

This interactive course will guide you on a personal treasure hunt to discover how to combine your unique combination of personality, passions, and professional skills to find the work you were purposed to do.

Whether your dream job is to be an employee or entrepreneur, it's time for you to live B.I.G. - Bold, Innovative, and God-inspired!

Key Topics:

         Connect the dots between your purpose, passions, & professional skills!

         Renew your determination toward your career dreams, goals, & aspirations!

         Gain clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue your desired profession!

         Get empowered to live on purpose!

We’re excited about you going through this workshop to explore, internally, the treasures, gifts, talents and abilities that God has given you to fulfill the life He has called you to live, and particularly, to do the work He created for you to do.

This virtual two-hour, interactive workshop is only $19.95.

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