We should all know by now that we were made for more. But one of the reasons why people are not going for the MORE is because they don’t know how to get to the MORE. 

The Marketplace Alliance Group is helping you get to the MORE with our Marketplace Mondays.

On the fourth Monday of each month, from 7pm - 9pm, MAG will present a virtual two-hour, interactive workshop on various topics on finances, business strategies and more.

Every month, one or two presenters will teach, demonstrate, and activate you, to get the MORE.

Our next Marketplace Monday is March 22nd.

Dr. Ronni Samassa will talk about, Wellness in the In-Between Places.



She’ll discuss what it means to be well: body, soul, and spirit.

You’ll learn how to be, intentional about staying active, and remaining focused on mental wellness. Get helpful strategies and tips on physical activities, healthy recipes, and strategic worship.


“We want to be the best version we can be of ourselves. And we need to be armed with the facts concerning our health, whatever they are. We need to know what they are, and then we can go to God accordingly and pray His will be done.”

- Dr. Ronni Samassa

After this presentation, you’ll have an opportunity to be activated, using your personal Prophetic Words! 

This healthy, energetic workshop is only $19.95.

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The Marketplace Alliance Group

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